Welcome to North London Korean School!

We teach Korean language and culture on Saturday, we are located in north London.

“Every Saturday is a fun day.”

Our educational goal is to help our second-generation Koreans growing up in the UK to live happier and more successful life by learning Korean language, culture and history within the educational framework of the UK, for a balanced multicultural environment. We hope, by nurturing our talented students, we are contributing to making the world a better place to live.

It is said that children who are naturally exposed to different languages or cultures can be more creative and open-minded. Our children with a Korean background are precisely those who can easily receive such benefit. It is certainly difficult to learn Korean and English at the same time, but if we realise  how lucky our children are to have an environment where they can be exposed to both cultures naturally, we will be able to resolve any issue originated from the cultural difference more effectively.

It is a Korean school that is only open on weekends, but our teaching staff will do their best in teaching our students. We are always open to any good suggestion to the school, so please let us know at any time.

The door to the headteacher’s office is always open, so we look forward to seeing you often and sharing good words with you.

Mrs Chang-Hua Kim, Headteacher

“We are publishing a collection of works of our students in February every year. ”

Information for the registration of the 2023/2024 academic year.

Registration fees: £40.

Tuition fees: single child £160, two children-single child fee plus £130, three children-two children plus £100, per each term. 

Tuition payment: Barclays bank

account name: North London Korean School CIC

sort code: 20-92-63

account number: 33179176

By a check, payable to North London Korean School CIC

“We welcome everyone to the 2023/2024 academic year.”

Lessons are on every Saturday 9:30-13:30

“We start from the basics of Korean consonants and vowels in the early-year classes. ”

“Children can learn the language more effectively and efficiently when they are having fun.”

“Our students are learning Korean through various individual and group activities using standard Korean government issued textbooks.”

Address: St. James' Catholic High School, Great Strand, London, NW9 5PE

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